Semiconductor & Electronic

The highly complex manufacturing process required to create integrated circuits (commonly known as chips) presents a number of unique challenges for industrial piping systems. The use of toxic, highly corrosive, flammable gases and liquids can compromise the system's integrity. Few piping materials can withstand this harsh environment, being subject to corrosion, process leaks and premature failures. Even fewer piping materials can meet the high purity standards necessary for cleanrooms.

Equally important Eurapipe ABS piping system is suitable for Demineralized water application as it can achieve the high purity among the thermoplastic.

  • Complete piping system made from fully pressure-rated materials
  • Availability of a full system of standard components, including pipe, fittings and solvent cement in a wide array of sizes
  • Long history of successful use in the semiconductor and electronics industries
  • Fast and easy installation process
  • Lower life-cycle costs, maintenance and corrosion monitoring
  • Technical assistance from Eurapipe‚Äôs experienced R&D and field support teams


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