Mineral Processing

Mineral processing plants are known for transporting some of the most aggressive chemicals. Copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium sulfate, metabisulphite, sodium cyanide and sulfuric acid are just some of the corrosive chemicals common to many mineral processing operations today. Without the right industrial piping system in place, these chemicals can wreak havoc on a plant's productivity, literally eating away profits in the form of corrosion that leads to premature piping failures and downtime.

Highly durable Eurapipe ABS piping systems stand up to these challenges over the long-term like no other piping material can-metallic or non-metallic. Eurapipe ABS pipe and fittings offer the required impact resistance and corrosion resistance to reduce maintenance costs and increase the life of the system.

The end result is a highly reliable system that is ideally suited for such applications as electrolysis, electro winning and electro refining operations; acid service lines; tailings lines; gas vent scrubbers; froth flotation operations, wastewater treatment plants.

  • Fast and easy installation process
  • Lightweight material with exceptional hydraulic capabilities
  • Stable material costs
  • Overall lower life-cycle costs
  • Availability of full system components, including pipe, fittings and solvent cement in a wide array of sizes
  • Technical assistance from Eurapipe experienced R&D and field support teams


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