Corporate Social Responsibility

We ensure a healthy and safety working environment, sustainable usage of natural resource, development of environmentally friendly products, reduction of carbon emission and continues contribute to society welfare. To meet the expectation, we have created the structures, processes and systems as our effort to consistently.

We ensure a healthy and safe working environment for our staffs. Healthy employees who feel comfortable at work are an asset in ensure our customers are satisfied. A safe working environment is what we must provide to our employees as a company. We are actively involved in enhancing a healthier work environment, preventing accidents and promote work life balance.

We strive to conserve natural resources both in our daily business and in how our products are being used in customer applications. We engineered our products with suitable materials, exact dimension and precise individual components to cut down energy consumption. This protects our environment in a long run.

We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint. By optimizing our production process, we able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve energy efficiency.

We strive to recycle and reuse wastage created to this company thru constant reminder to every employees of this business.

We are aware of the unfortunate one hence we always donate and assist those unfortunate one. Our contribution include supply of water pipe for the rural areas of Borneo, donating to old folk home and provide job opportunity to handicap individuals.