Biogas & Pome

Eurapipe ABS and PE Plastic pipework systems are ideal for the various liquid and gas transportation requirements of a modern-day biogas system.

The diverse nature of Eurapipe ABS and PE piping and their capability to be able to convey different fluids for different applications makes then an ideal choice for anyone installing pipework systems for a processing anaerobic digestion facility.

Euratech technical team is always a call away to help the customer troubleshot any piping issues.

  • Fast and easy cold ABS solvent cement welding process creates a permanent chemical bond
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Availability of full system components, including pipe, fittings and valves in a wide array of size
  • Low thermal conductivity stabilizes pipe surface temperature which may eliminate the need for insulation
  • Stable material costs
  • Excellent smooth bore performance
  • Technical assistance from Eurapipe‚Äôs experienced R&D and field support teams


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