Eurapipe® Advantage HDPE PE100

EURAPIPE Advantage HDPE is a high strength PE 100 LSH piping system that is being used widely for the conveyance of all type of liquids and slurries. The system is also a preferred material for use in trenchless pipelines which are installed using directional drilling, slip lining and pipe bursting method.

This system utilize high stress crack resistance PE 100 LSH resin which gives much higher resistance to crack initiation and propagation that is designed for challenging applications.

- Slow crack growth property

- Lightweight

- Easy to install

- Ductile and flexible

- 50-year design life

- Corrosion and impact resistant

- Size Range: OD20mm to OD250mm

- Wall Thickness: Up to 30mm

- PN Rating: PN6.3, PN10, PN12.5 and PN16

- Potable Water Supply Network

- Sewage Treatment

- Irrigation

- Submarine Pipelines

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