Eurapipe® ABS Blue

EURAPIPE ABS Blue is a plastic piping system for plumbing applications. EURAPIPE ABS is a solvent welded system that is available up to DN150 with PN15.

The system provides a wide temperature range and the system remains extremely ductile even at temperatures as low as -30⁰C. Furthermore, ABS is extremely lightweight and is much easier to handle on-site than traditional materials especially during installation which can significantly reduce both time and cost.

- Light Weight

- Easy Installation

- Ductile Down To -30° Celsius to +60° Celsius

- Lifespan Designed Up To 50 Years

- Corrosion & Impact Resistant

- Size Range: Dn 15 to Dn 150

- Pressure Rating: Up to Pn 15

- Temperature rating -30° Celsius to +60° Celsius

- Portable Water

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MS 1419.2007

Specification for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) compounds, pipes and fittings for pressure applications.

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